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Our Story

“We are passionate about creating a safe space where women can feel empowered to recognise their worth on and off the pole. We support women to build their self esteem and unlock their true selves and connect with a part of themselves that has either been lost, trapped or forgotten with kinetic movement workshops”.

“In one of our first “Art of Seduction” workshops we were working with mirrors. There was a key moment where most of us were walking across the room towards a mirror, looking at ourselves.

Not everyone could do it, though at that moment I felt like my heart opened and it felt like I was really noticing myself for the first time.
I could see myself for who I was, warts and all….. and all the things that built up to this moment and it was beautiful.

That is what I want YOU  to feel.

I want you to be in an environment where you are free to express yourself and are accepted for who you are.

Our camp really is all about that”.

Raphaella Rose
Camp Founder

Pole &
Yoga Camp

The event proved to be wildly popular, with
attendees from all corners of the globe. Many
of those who have joined us have come
back each summer. We have girls (and even
some boys!) that fly in from places such
as Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Poland,
Italy, UK, USA, Switzerland, Holland, South Africa.