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Our Story

Barcelona Pole & Yoga Camp is an annual camp created and facilitated by Yoga Ishta Style. Founded in 2012 by Raphaella Rose; having taught yoga for over 13 years her mission was simple: To create yoga retreats that offered some adventure.

Each retreat combined yoga with other sports that complemented one another. Having combined her yoga retreats with activities such as yoga & dance, or yoga & sailing cruises around Croatian islands, and yoga & skiing in the French Alps, she tried a daring new concept… and so the Barcelona Yoga and Pole dancing camp was born! This wonderful journey continues on with an amazing program which we would love you to join us on.

Pole &
Yoga Camp

The event proved to be wildly popular, with
attendees from all corners of the globe. Many
of those who have joined us have come
back each summer. We have girls (and even
some boys!) that fly in from places such
as Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Poland,
Italy, UK, USA, Switzerland, Holland, South Africa.