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10-11.15 YOGA YOGA 10-11 Sleep in 10-11am Advanced
11.30-1pm Beginner Pole- Foundation Class 12-1pm SUP Yoga & Beach Pole Special Guest Workshop: Secret Tricks & Combos Pandoras Box ‘Think outside the Box’ 4 night group leave 11-12pm Beginners Home time – See you next year!!
1-2pm 1.30pm-2pm Intro Circle/ Studio orientation ADVANCED Group VeeNiz- ‘Get Down Low’ Pole Flow 1-3pm  Beach Pole & Picnic 1.30-3pm Guest Workshop: Contemporary Pole YOGA 12.30-1.30pm Exotic Flow (Bring your Heels)
3pm 2-3.30pm Art of Seduction 5.30pm-7pm VeeNiz- Art of Seduction FINAL CLASS and CLOSING Circle ‘finding your own magic’  
5pm 3.45pm-4.45pm Yoga with Raphaella 5-6pm Pole Choreo: Intro to performance 5.45pm- 7pm Exotic Flow (slow down, sensual work Venus)
7pm 7-8.30pm VeeNiz– Pandora’s Box ‘Move outside the Box’ 6-7.30pm Art of Seduction 8-9pm VeeNiz – Sexy Flexy 7.30-8.30pm Aerial Hoop Class FINAL NIGHT DINNER & CELEBRATION

*Note this is a SAMPLE timetable ONLY- This is a basic guideline of how the camp will run. 

Workshop Descriptions

Art of Seduction

This workshop focuses on the art of sensuality with movement on and around pole. They include a sexy warm-up and erotic across-the-floor exercises. All levels will learn something new in this class. Sometimes mirrors, blindfolds or chairs are used as props.

Vee Niz says that this ART form gives women permission to “be” and that is why she loves teaching and believes that “every” woman is powerful and amazing, they just need to experience the pole to truly BELIEVE it and unleash their inner GODDESS!

Beginner Pole- Foundation Class

Gain more confidence as you learn basic spins, pole sits, climbing preparation, beginner combos and inversions. You will learn different moves that help you prepare mentally and physically to progress. Some focus will be given to conditioning exercises to build your strength. Essential to grow as a pole dancer.

Exotic Pole

exotic /ɪɡˈzɒtɪk,ɛɡˈzɒtɪk/
attractive or striking because colourful or out of the ordinary.
synonyms: striking, colourful, eye-catching
antonyms: unremarkable, conventional

To be exotic is to be unique. This journey will combine elements sexy and exotic movement both on and off the pole and how to flow in and out of your own sensuality.

We will explore sensual elements of low flow, while creating fluidly in innovative ways on and off the pole. We will focus on floor to isolations, pole transitions, spins, playing with momentum, and pirouette variations.
*Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered. Heels are highly encouraged as using heels as an apparatus will be explored. Must have some movement/pole experience.

Get Down Low Pole Flow

Learn sultry movements combining floor work, leg waves and body rolls.
Floorwork can often be the most challenging part for dancers to create. Find out how you can seamlessly flow between moves to connect more advanced poses in your routine.
Most suited to intermediate to advanced students.
Knee pads, socks and long sleeves and legged pants are required for this class.

Pandora’s Box

You want to be undeniable, exotic and unique. Step outside Pandora’s box and into your own.

Want to learn how to play different roles, dance to a variety of musical genres, and to be comfortable in your own skin? Yessss..of course, you do!!! There will be assignments that will push you in and out of your comfort zones. At times you’ll be soft and sensual and others hard, nasty and emotional. This workshop is active and interactive (no sitting out)!

You’ll begin with a 15 min warm-up and then freestyle dances/exercises will take up the rest of the class in a supportive guided environment. No judgement zone!!!

Move outside the box | Live outside the box | Be outside the box

Pot Pourri

A mixed class where we work on a blend of spins, climbs, grips and lifts.
​Focuses on intermediate to advanced pole combos and tricks, along with various holds, spins and grips.

Sexy Flexy.

Unlock tightness in your shoulders. Release resistance in your hips. Free up those hamstrings!
Some partner work involved in this workshop so we can be pushed a little deeper to stretch and become more flexible.


Hatha flow yoga classes and an introduction to basic meditation techniques will be offered for participants to relax, energise, and feel more balance in their daily lives. Certified yoga instructor and retreat creator, Raphaella Rose will help you focus on alignment and breath to gain new insight into your body and how it moves. She has over 14 years experience teaching on retreats, teacher trainings, studios, gyms, parks, conferences in Spain, USA, Ecuador, Croatia, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Dubai, and the UK. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels.
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Why mix Yoga and Pole?
A note from Raphaella- Yoga helps prepare your body physically for pole by creating more awareness and strength. Additionally it helps create a flexibility and openness in the mind. For many when they think of achieving some of the postures or shapes they see in yoga or pole instant blocks or obstacles form in the mind. They may have critical self talk.. ‘I’m not flexible or strong enough’. Along with the pole instructors during this retreat, we will feed you confidence and build your self- worth. Get you away from this self-criticism. We show you how to feel more comfortable with your body by mixing these two disciplines.

You see many yoga poses you practice on the mat mirrored on the pole- so you’ll be adding to the muscle memory bank to perform better on the pole. A good example of this is when Marlo made the Bird of Paradise yoga move famous on the pole.

It’s an obvious fusion. Come and try it with us..

A day in the life

What is a typical day at Camp?

Whilst we fit in a lot in each day at the Camp, we like to allow for some down time and late starts too! Your morning will usually start with a yoga class, then after a short break you’ll start some pole workshops.

We either have lunch near the studio or take a longer break in the middle of the day. If so, you can go off for lunch, soak up some sun on the beach, or have a siesta. Then we meet later for more pole workshops, yoga in the park or an evening activity. They may include watching a flamenco show, strolling around the gothic quarters to find a great tapas bar & vino.

In your down time you may want to get a physio treatment, enjoy a relaxing message, or simply relax. *schedule times are subject to change

City Activities

Here’s an example of activities that camp has offered since it began. For activities running this in 2023, we will send you a timetable and information pack after you book your space.

  • Acro Yoga
  • Aerial Hoop Class
  • Beach Brunch/ Picnic
  • Cooking Class
  • Deep Tissue Massage (optional- extra charge)
  • Walking Tour of Barcelona Old Town
  • Final Night Celebration
  • Forbidden Tour Raval
  • Jazz Catamaran Cruise
  • Photo Shoot (optional- extra charge)
  • Physio- Muscle Activation (optional- extra charge)
  • Showcase Performances
  • Sitges Afternoon Trip
  • SUP Yoga Paddle
  • Yoga in the Park
  • Welcome Dinner