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In our Hatha flow yoga classes, participants will experience a harmonious blend of breath, movement, and mindfulness. These classes are designed not only to enhance physical flexibility and strength but also to introduce participants to the art of meditation. Through basic meditation techniques, attendees will discover a tranquil space within themselves, fostering relaxation and mental clarity.


Dive into the allure of our Sensual Movement workshop—an exploration of pole artistry through seductive warm-ups, enticing exercises, and unique props like mirrors and chairs. Suitable for all levels, it’s not just a class; it’s an empowering journey to unleash your inner goddess.


Designed for pole enthusiasts seeking to take their practice to new heights, the Kinetic Blueprint offers a unique and immersive experience. Explore not only dynamic pole techniques but venture into the world of floor footwork in this specialised session



This handstand masterclass blends strength-building exercises, alignment techniques, and upper body strengthening poses to lay the foundation for a stable and confident handstand practice. Explore preparatory poses such as Forearm Stand, Dolphin Pose, and various poses against the wall. Learn to conquer fear, find balance and have some fun whilst you turn life upside down for a while!


Embark on a handstand journey, dancing through circles, waves, whips, pops, gestures, tilts, and a flowing sequence—all experienced barefoot (or in socks if you prefer). This session blends sensuality with grounded basework and soft acro moves, leaving you with a personalized sequence that resonates with your body’s affirming “YES.”


Refine your lines and embrace elegance in the Spinning Lyrical Pole workshop. Begin with a harmonious floor dance choreography, seamlessly transitioning to climbing the pole, crafting stunning shapes and splits for a captivating performance. For the floor section, consider bringing socks. This class is ideal for advanced participants .


Boost your confidence with Pole Fundamentals, where you’ll master basic spins, pole sits, climbing preparation, beginner combos, and the principles of inversions. Explore various moves to mentally and physically prepare for progression, with a special emphasis on conditioning exercises to enhance strength. This class is essential for beginners seeking a solid foundation to flourish as pole dancers.



We will start the day with a yoga class designed to enhance flexibility and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection, with a specific focus on achieving impressive splits. This invigorating session blends dynamic stretches, targeted poses, and mindful breathwork to prepare your body for the journey toward the full expression of splits. You’ll move through a sequence incorporating poses like Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose), lizard lunge, and pigeon pose, strategically sequenced to open the hips, lengthen hamstrings, and improve overall lower body flexibility.


Join us in the art of learning a basic routine, craft captivating sequences, and showcase your newly learned steps in group performance. This workshop, suitable for all levels, invites you to explore the fluid beauty of contemporary movement on the pole.


Dynamic & trendy sequences on the pole ending up with some floor-based tricks such as accessible handstands or jumps. Strength and flow movements combined to make up  perfect transitions.


Photo shoot.  Hit the beach to enjoy a BEACH POLE PICNIC and enjoy a relaxed day by the sea.


Immerse yourself in the liberating atmosphere of our Open Pole session—a self-led opportunity to practice tricks and combos acquired throughout the week.  Whether honing your favorite moves or venturing into new ones, this session creates a supportive environment for pole enthusiasts of all levels


Come dance and learn how to play with your movement through breath work, weight shifts, turns, spinal articulations, grounded footwork, and floor work sequences. Building a base of intuitive/default movement, we will explore looping and progressive material around the lower half of the pole.

Basically we will get all technical and nerdy so we can get JUICY!


A continuation of the first Art of Seduction workshop from day one. We will add new exploratory movements and sequences to further connect you with what feels good in your body. Learn to tap into the magic that already exists within you. 


An outdoor yoga session in Barcelonas finest city park. We bring the mats, you bring your zen.


An opportunity to revisit the moves you’ve learned through the week. Instructors will be present to assist.


A freestyle concept workshop where all participants have the opportunity to showcase their own unique movements in an initiative and supportive environment. 


A closing and sharing circle to listen and contribute what your pole fellow retreaters and you have learned through the week.

A day in the life

What is a typical day at Camp?

Discover the perfect rhythm of relaxation and excitement at Yoga Pole Camp! A typical day begins with the serenity of morning yoga, followed by energising pole workshops. Enjoy a lunch break near the studio, then in the afternoon, return for more pole workshops, partake in yoga sessions in the park, or join engaging evening activities such as watching a flamenco show or exploring the charming gothic quarters for tapas and vino. During your downtime, consider a physio treatment, a rejuvenating massage, or an open pole class.

* Please note that schedule times are subject to change

City Activities

Here’s an example of activities that camp has offered since it began.
For activities running this year, refer to the current timetable.

Acro Yoga

Aerial Hoop Class

Beach Brunch/ Picnic

Cooking Class

Deep Tissue Massage (optional- extra charge)

Walking Tour of Barcelona Old Town

Final Night Celebration

Forbidden Tour Raval

Jazz Catamaran Cruise

Photo Shoot (optional- extra charge)

Physio- Muscle Activation (optional- extra charge)

Showcase Performances

Sitges Afternoon Trip

SUP Yoga Paddle

Yoga in the Park

Welcome Dinner